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CMS (a content management system) is a magic wand that is able to make your life much easier! The main advantages of such systems are as follows:

• Support and portability
• Constant improvements
• It significantly saves time
• Helps you get best results from your website


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 Website with CMS  “MIKI Assistance”

MIKI Assistance team will help you choose the best type of CMS depending on your needs and requirements.

• As soon as CMS is integrated with your website, you will get:
• Monitoring
• Committed account manager
• Detailed recommendations
• Website content maintenance tools
• All core “out-of-box” features

CMS you will get complete knowledge on how to maintain your website content the way you want. Don’t forget that unique, useful, and engaging content is the main component of online success!


Massimo Rossini,Founder Owner 25.05.14 ★★★★★


Good afternoon,
“Fantastic job. MIKI staff understood the brief and has been a great help in launching a website which had to be created on a budget. Have had fantastic feedback on the website and look forward to working with them in the near future.”
Paul Schwimmer,Director  15.02.14  ★★


Hello Miki,
“These guys have helped me to build my new website. I am very pleased with the final result. The team were a pleasure to work with and followed my instructions well. If you need a website building team then MIKI is the team to help you. Thanks to the team.”

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