Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the most powerful and controllable way to rank your website higher in search results. MIKI Assistance marketers have broad experience and strong knowledge how to get your website to the top. We take advantage of the most effective tools and constantly keep track of the PPC current trends.

Our marketers will:

- get your website to the top,

- fully manage your advertising campaign,

- ensure your website’s popularity,

- attract quality traffic.

Our team will help you use PPC as the most effective marketing tool. We are aware that PPC is as important as SEO for your business and that it will drive guaranteed highly targeted search engine traffic to your website.

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Mark Claxton, Transport Co-ordinator  12.05.14 ★★★★★


“Excellent to work with, produced what I needed. Would work with again in the future.”
Dmytro Voytko, Executive Chef & CEO  1.06.14 ★★


“MIKI team is extremely professional and have made the daunting task of embarking on developing a new website exciting and enjoyable…they in depth knowledge of internet marketing is also a huge positive and is helping my company enormously in putting together a complete social media strategy”

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