Complete Stationery Kit

Logo and business card are the business design priorities, but corporate identity is formed with the help of all stationery. It is a universal truth that good design simply looks good, but great design really sells.

Our team will help to carry your corporate image across all communication paths, offering

- business card design

- envelope design

- letterheads design

- real time limits

- reasonable pricing

MIKI Assistance team of dedicated designers has strong experience and skills in creating effective business communication tools. Order a unique custom design kit now in order to significantly enhance your business image.

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Jake Pelfrey, Web Developer and Internet Strategist 22.06.14 ★★★★★


“Designers from this company did an excellent job. I worked with very talented one. He showed so much patience and was great at communication. I plan on doing more business with MIKI! Great working with them. Excited for the development stage. Great Designers.”
Kirdy Molan,Managing Director 11.01.14 ★★


“MIKI created a professional set of strong graphics for us to use. They showed us concepts and then took them to the next level after our feedback. The graphics were designed to attract users and work with each other to give presence and brand feel. They have a great team and worked fast to help create our brand space”.

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