3D Graphic Design

We would like to introduce our team – passionate and creative 3D designers who have been in love with visual arts for a long while. 3D graphic design can make a great difference for all kinds of professionals and can be used for presentations and branding:

- Your company will look high-tech during a dynamic 3D presentation.

- It will help you boost sales.

- 3D graphic design will enhance customer satisfaction.

MIKI Assistance create high-quality, catchy, and professional 3D images and animation. Our highly skilled designers pour creative thought and professionalism in each project. We will help you translate all your ideas into stunning advertising and marketing visual.

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Our unique vision allows us to provide a diverse list of 3D design services:

  •  High quality graphics
  •  Architectural visualization
  •  3D interactive designs
  •  Interactive animation based on 3D technology

Our designers specializing in 3D and animation are assisted by qualified programming developers creating strong backend supporting the 3D frontend. We take advantage of cutting-edge 3D modeling software and most current techniques to get best results. If you need 3D design services, don’t hesitate and choose us – you will get exactly what you need: stunning 3D designs and animation.


Olivier Maquaire, Entrepreneur 24.06.14 ★★★★★

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Dear colleagues,
“MIKI ASSISTANCE is truly a Design Guru with versatile knowledge and expertise in 3D visualization and design. Having worked with team and they have enabled me to implement the strategy for my company. I am highly impressed with their skills and creativity!”
Kieran Forshaw, Architect  14.05.14 ★★

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Hello Miki ,
“Exciting to see this design piece of work. The work was completed on time and accurate. They are my standard design studio from now on.Thank you Miki Assistance.”

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